The People Behind The Scenes

Dispatcher: Fields Emergency Calls

When an emergency call is placed to Catskills Hatzalah, the dispatcher is the one that answers the phone and coordinates the response by available members via a computerized HCAD dispatch system. Every Catskills Hatzalah dispatcher is familiar with the over 100 square miles of upstate roads, colonies and camps that comprise the Jewish vacation areas, which maximizes emergency response times and minimizes delays.

EMT: Provides Basic Life Support

Also known as Emergency Medical Technicians, EMTs can provide patients with basic life support care, such as maintaining an open airway, breathing and circulation, providing CPR and cardiac defibrillation when necessary, controlling severe bleeding and preventing shock. Every Catskills Hatzalah EMT is equipped with specialized medical equipment and an oxygen tank which is kept in their personal vehicle for rapid deployment.

Paramedic: Provides Advanced Life Support

Every Catskills Hatzalah Paramedic is trained to provide pre-hospital advanced medical and trauma care. They can perform a variety of medical procedures such as obtaining IV access, cardiac monitoring and other advanced techniques and assessments. Most importantly, Catskills Hatzalah Paramedics can administer a variety of emergency and life-saving medications that regular Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) can't.

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fast Facts

To guarantee a quick response, Catskills Hatzalah has 13 state-of-the-art rescue ambulances stationed strategically in the following locales:

  • Fallsburg
  • Woodridge
  • Napanoch
  • Ellenville
  • Liberty
  • Livingston Manor
  • Monticello
  • White Lake
  • Loch Sheldrake
  • Woodbourne