The Inside Stories

  • A little boy's life is hanging on the line

    Can Hatzalah's connections really save the day?

    It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon at the Pineview Hotel in Woodbourne. Guests leisurely strolled across the grassy grounds; children playfully ran after one another in the bright sunshine...

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  • The member speaks

    He dedicates the summer to answering your call, so why doesn't he want anything in return?

    "I've been a Catskills Hatzalah volunteer for nearly twenty years," says Menachem Holtz. "And whenever I look back at the early days of Catskills Hatzalah, it amazes me how much the organization has grown...

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did you Know

Catskills Hatzalah's wide network of members respond to emergencies throughout upstate New York and are comprised of:

  • EMTs
  • Paramedics
  • Dispatchers
  • RNs
  • RPAs
  • MDs