Mio Devices

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To download the GPS files for your Mio devices.

Instructions for Setting up Travel Information on Your Mio Device

It is advisable to first remove old versions of the file before installing an update.

  1. Download the "POI Loader" program from here.
  2. Double-click on the POI Loader program and follow the instructions to install it.
  3. Download the Catskills GPS points (CatskillsGarmin.zip) by clicking here. Unzip the files into a folder on your hard drive that you will use specifically for loading customized locations onto your GPS. (If you're already using customized locations from another source, use the same folder.)
  4. Connect the Mio unit to your computer.
  5. If the POI Loader program doesn't start automatically, start the program by clicking Start -> Programs -> Mio Technology -> POI Loader.
  6. Follow the instructions of the loader to install the points.