Timeline: A History of Growth

The Catskills Hatzalah division was established by a small group of volunteers and based out of the Fallsburg vicinity.
The now-legendary Catskills Hatzalah Summer map was created to boost emergency response times
Catskills Hatzalah obtains its first NYS Dept. of Health certified ambulance to allow for speedy emergency transports
The Catskills Hatzalah ALS/Paramedic program is launched – the first of its kind in Sullivan County
A unique partnership is established between Catskills Hatzalah and Medivac to establish the first helicopter-based emergency medical transport system in the region
The Catskills Hatzalah Emergency Search & Rescue Team is founded to assist local authorities in missing persons operations
The ambulance fleet of Catskills Hatzalah features 8 NYS Dept. of Health certified ambulances that are strategically located across the region for rapid deployment to emergencies
The Catskills Hatzalah division purchases a specialized ambulance with customized life-support equipment for high-risk patient transfers
To enhance community relations, Catskills Hatzalah holds its first-annual summer breakfast event with local police, fire and EMS agencies
The paramedics of Catskills Hatzalah are provided with updated ventilators and IV pumps to improve high risk patient transfer operations
The updated Catskills Hatzalah GPS Summer Map is made available to the general public via the website
The new Catskills Hatzalah Garage is constructed and features an integrated Emergency Crisis Center along with an internal Radio Dispatch Center that will allow Catskills Hatzalah to provide you with quality medical care all summer and all year long
To better serve the Catskills community and continue offering lifesaving services, Catskills Hatzalah launches multiple internal programs to boost response times, increase radio coverage, promote community safety awareness and maximize overall efficiency